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Stucco Spray Gun

I wanted to make a version of a stucco spray gun… HoneyDo Carpenter was the inspiration for this project, and the fact that there were so many parts from different stores. I thought I could help to simplify the design and build it into a singular body and print it on a 3D printer. HoneyDo Carpenter admitted that the gun he had designed required several different bit types. I figured I could just include all of those parts into one single body and just put a threaded nipple on there that could attach directly to a store-bought gun.

Here is the development in a few images of the prototype for my design of the 3D printed version. I will be testing in the coming days.

Purchased Parts to integrate with 3D printer piece
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Acoustical Panels, Part 1

I’m interested in putting together a test of aerated concrete as an acoustical wall system. To start I 3-D printed a few module pieces and made a mold of it in order to duplicate this in order to make a larger panel made a mold of it in order to duplicate this in order to make a larger panel.

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JuJu by Susuru in Orlando

We had our first tasting over at JUJU tonight and the pleasure of dining with tasty chomps. This was an old Pizza Hut location and contrary to the belief that you can’t make it look like anything other than a Pizza Hut they manage to accomplish that. The space is inviting with a collection of signage imported from all over Japan within the theme of retro Japan. There’s a reserved dining section for eight people and a preset menu that is booked at least a month in advance. The rest of the dining area and bar are similar food to the favorites by their other brand “Susuru”

A5 Wagyu @ JUJU
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JuJu by Susuru

Susuru’s JuJu opens in August, and will offer regular dining as well as a Kappo Bar Tasting Experience which is more casual than a traditional Omakase experience.

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Toothsome Milkshake Foundry Grand Opening January 29, 2022

Modesto Alcala, Jason Smyth, Thom Boessel, Chef Robert Martinez Jr.

Universal Parks & Resorts has taken a huge step in extending the Toothsome Chocolate Emporium brand into new environments by opening the new Toothsome Chocolate Foundry in Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center arena. Anyone going to a Philadelphia 76ers or Philadelphia Flyers game, a concert, or an event can experience the artisanal milkshakes made famous in the Universal parks.

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