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Rebuilding the Patio Canopy: Integrating Modern Techniques & Materials, Part 2

The journey of rebuilding my patio canopy was no different. This section delves into the process of how I seamlessly integrated a sturdy 6×6 post through the existing roof eave and employed 3D printing technology for a custom solution.

1. Integrating the 6×6 Post:

Stability is paramount when you’re working on a structure like a patio canopy. By choosing to work with a 6×6 post, I was not only looking at durability but also an aesthetic that commands attention.

Steps to Integration:

  • Measurement: First, I ensured that the location of the post was precisely where I wanted it, keeping in mind the balance and the overall design of the canopy.
  • Cutting through the Eave: Cutting through an existing structure requires a steady hand and the right tools. I used a reciprocating saw to create a neat opening just wide enough for the post.
  • Placement: The 6×6 post was then vertically aligned and set into its predetermined position.

2. Custom 3D Printed Flashing:

Here’s where tradition meets technology. To ensure a watertight seal around the post and the roof eave, a flashing is vital. Instead of settling for an off-the-shelf solution, I took the modern route.

Steps for Flashing:

  • Designing: Using CAD software, I designed a flashing tailored to fit snugly around the 6×6 post, ensuring compatibility with the roof eave’s shape and dimensions.
  • Material Choice: Carbon Fiber filament was chosen for its strength and weather-resistant properties. This ensured that the flashing would last a long time without deteriorating.
  • 3D Printing: Once the design was ready, I sent it to my 3D printer. A few hours later, a custom flashing, perfect for my needs, was ready.

3. Connecting the Post and Beam:

Connecting the post and beam securely is crucial for the structural integrity of the canopy. This is where the U-brackets come into play.

Steps for Connection:

  • U-Brackets: I used two interlinked U-brackets, chosen for their strength and reliability.
  • Alignment: After marking the correct heights on both the post and the beam, the U-brackets were positioned.
  • Through Bolting: Once aligned, I drilled holes for through bolts, ensuring they were of the right diameter. With corrosion-resistant bolts, washers, and nuts, the post and beam were tightly connected.

The marriage of traditional woodworking and modern technology like 3D printing has added a unique touch to the canopy project. Not only does the structure stand tall with reinforced strength, but the custom elements, like the 3D printed flashing, add a personal touch. The canopy is not just a shelter; it’s a testament to innovation and creativity in home improvement.

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Rebuilding the Patio Canopy: Enhancing Underside, Lighting, and AirflowCanopy Rebuild, Part 1

Revamping a space often brings not just an aesthetic appeal but also functional enhancements. If you have a patio canopy, which has seen better days, it’s high time you think of giving it a new lease on life. I recently undertook such a project and wish to share my experience and tips on how to upgrade the patio canopy. I focussed on improving three core areas: the underside, lighting, and airflow.

1. Renewing the Underside:

The underside of a canopy can make or break the overall look. With exposure to the elements, this part can age rapidly, making the entire structure look dated.

Steps to Renew:

  • Choose your Material: Fresh wood is an excellent choice for the underside due to its natural and inviting appearance. Cedar or redwood are both resistant to rot and pests, making them suitable for outdoor settings.
  • Preparation: Before attaching the new wood, make sure to remove the old material completely. Clean the framework and check for any structural weaknesses.
  • Installation: Lay the wooden panels or planks horizontally or vertically based on your design preference. Remember to leave slight gaps between them for better airflow. Secure the wood using corrosion-resistant screws.

2. Illuminating with Elegance:

Adding lights can drastically change the ambiance of your patio. It makes the space usable even after sunset and adds a cozy feel to your outdoor haven.

Steps for Lighting:

  • Decide on Lighting Type: LED strip lights can be attached to the underside for a continuous glow. Pendant lights or fairy lights can be draped for a more whimsical appearance.
  • Wiring: If you’re not skilled with electrical tasks, consider hiring a professional. Ensure all wiring is waterproofed and safely hidden.
  • Switch Control: Consider adding a dimmer switch. This allows you to control the brightness, setting the mood for any occasion.

3. Enhancing Airflow:

A well-ventilated canopy ensures that you stay comfortable, especially during warm days.

Steps for Improved Airflow:

  • Strategic Gaps: As mentioned, leaving gaps between the wooden planks or panels can enhance airflow. However, make sure they’re not too wide to compromise shade.
  • Adding Fans: Installing outdoor ceiling fans can make a world of difference. Choose a fan that’s rated for outdoor use. Position it centrally for even distribution.
  • Climbing Plants: Consider training some climbing plants around the canopy’s edges. While this won’t directly improve airflow, it provides a natural cooling effect.

Rebuilding the patio canopy is more than just a facelift. By focusing on the underside, lighting, and airflow, you’re upgrading both the form and function of your outdoor space. With these enhancements, your patio is set to be your favorite retreat for relaxation and entertainment.

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An Unforgettable Experience at Camille: A Symphony of French-Vietnamese Fusion Cuisine

Camille, the culinary masterpiece curated by Chef Tung Phan, presents a distinctive gastronomic journey that is nothing short of a revelation. Serving an extraordinary fusion of Vietnamese and French cuisines, Camille is more than a restaurant, it’s an unforgettable dining experience.

The atmosphere of the restaurant expertly matches the finesse of the menu – sophisticated yet inviting. The tasteful decor seems to echo the commitment to tradition, coupled with a daring innovation that is evident in every dish presented.

The Summer Tasting Menu is a gourmet exploration that begins with an elevated rendition of Banh Xèo, a Vietnamese classic that sets the tone for the rest of the meal. Each subsequent course outdoes the previous, presenting a carefully curated palette of flavours and textures.

The second course, Tra Nong, is a true work of art. A delightful mélange of summer black truffle, Kaluga caviar, and Moulard duck pate foam, it highlights the finesse of French cuisine while staying true to Vietnamese flavour profiles.

An Choi – Tea Egg, Summer Black Truffle Kalusa Caviar, Paté Foam Moulard Duck, Black Sesame

The Thit Heo Nuóng is a fragrant treat, featuring tender Iberico pork infused with lemongrass. The American Red Snapper in the CákhoiLá Chudi dish, served with coconut, shines brightly with its tantalising mix of flavours.

Banh Xèo – Florida Spiny Lobster, Passionfruit
Tra Nong – Camellia Tea Service at Camille Orlando

Manchester Farm Quail in the Chim Oút, served with Wild Ramp Bread, is a standout. The Dungeness Crab in BoLúoLáo bathed in aromatic curry, along with the velvety Kagoshima A5 Wasyu, local greens, bird’s eye chili, and watermelon, create a symphony of flavours that is pure culinary magic.

Thit Heo Nuóng – Iberico Pork, Lemongrass

The meal concludes on a sweet high with the Bánh Chudi – banana and ginger caramel, a dessert that leaves a lingering sweetness, much like the dining experience at Camille.

Cá Khoi Lá Chudi – American Red Snapper, Coconut (Sous Chef caught the fish in the Gulf that very morning)

Adding to the delightful culinary journey is the staff, who strike the perfect balance of professionalism and warmth. Their deep understanding of the menu and careful attention to detail elevates the overall dining experience. Their service, much like the food, is impeccable.

Chim Oút – Manchester Farm Quail, Wild Ramp
Cà Ri Qua – Dungeness Crab, Curry
Bo Lúo Láo – Kagoshima A5 Wasyu, Local Greens

A visit to Camille is an absolute must for any culinary enthusiast. It’s not just a meal; it’s a journey that you will remember long after you’ve left the restaurant. The blend of French and Vietnamese cuisines is a testament to Chef Tung Phan’s talent and creativity, making Camille a shining star in the world of fine dining.

Bánh Chudi – Banana, Ginger Caramel
Món Tráng Miêng – Friandise
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Pool Petal Chair

Today, I started a new project in my workshop – a concrete chair for the edge of a pool. The goal is to create a chair that’s strong, safe, and comfortable.

The chair will be made of cast concrete. This material is tough and heavy, which is good because it means the chair will be sturdy and won’t slide into the pool. Plus, it’s built to last.

The design is meant to be practical and comfortable. It’s shaped to fit the human body, with a good backrest and armrests. It’s not just a flat surface, but a chair you can sit back in and feel good.

A nice feature of the chair is that the front edge is lower so you can dip your feet into the water while you sit. It’s a simple pleasure, but one I think will make a big difference.

Working with concrete is tough. It’s hard to mix and pour, and it takes time to set. But it’s also satisfying to see the chair take shape.

Each day, I see the chair moving from just a sketch to something real and tangible. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product by the pool. It’s a straightforward project, but I think it’s going to make a big difference in how people enjoy their time by the water.

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Florida Architecture

an architectural study harmoniously unites the grace of Florida’s Everglades with polished, sophisticated design. Centered around the inherent allure of the waterfront edge, this residential concept breathes life into the vision of a tranquil, natural oasis, perfectly blended with interior and exterior living spaces.

The exterior of an exquisite façade made from native Floridian limestone. Known for its resilience, sustainability, and inherent beauty, this light limestone also offers a cooling effect, perfect for the vibrant Florida sun. The resulting exterior acts as a robust, comforting shield, gracefully aging with time, exuding an aura of profound tranquility and solidity.

Originating from the heart of the residence, an outdoor canopy reaches out, framing the captivating sight of cypress nubs sprouting from the earth, a spectacle reminiscent of the undisturbed Everglades. These cypress nubs, purposefully highlighted, serve as natural sculptures. They present a dramatic yet calming contrast to the modern, sleek lines of the residence, capturing the eye and soul alike.

Encircling these unique cypress installations, meticulously designed moss gardens echo the refined aesthetics of Japanese gardening. These gardens fuse the diverse Floridian ecosystem with the understated beauty and simplicity of Japanese design, creating tranquil areas for relaxation, reflection, and admiration.

Encapsulating the harmonious dialogue between human creativity and natural splendor, crafting a daily sanctuary where luxury converges with simplicity. It embodies the quintessence of Florida’s landscape, immersing its residents in the rare experience of dwelling within the breathtaking beauty of the Everglades, with a specific focus on the mesmerizing allure of the waterfront edge.

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Everglade Elegance

Welcome to Everglade Elegance, where natural wonder meets refined architecture, taking inspiration from the untouched beauty of Florida’s Everglades, its cypress trees, and local limestone. This residential home design concept seamlessly merges indoor and outdoor spaces to craft a living experience akin to a peaceful retreat within nature’s arms.

The home’s striking façade is constructed from light, Florida-native limestone, a resilient material known not only for its sustainability, but also for its natural beauty and coolness under the Floridian sun. This exterior encapsulates the home, creating a solid and comfortable shell that ages gracefully with time and evokes a sense of grounded stability.

From the home’s heart extends an outdoor canopy, designed to frame the natural artistry of cypress nubs rising from the ground, echoing the aesthetics of the Everglades. These cypress nubs, framed and lit to draw the eye, serve as natural sculptures, offering a dramatic, yet serene contrast against the modern lines of the house.

Surrounding these cypress features are meticulously curated moss gardens, crafted in the refined tradition of Japanese gardening. These gardens blend the Floridian ecosystem’s diversity with the elegance and minimalism of Japanese design, offering tranquil spots for contemplation and admiration.

Everglade Elegance is a tribute to the interplay between human design and the beauty of nature, evoking an everyday escape where luxury and simplicity meet. It captures the essence of the Florida landscape, bringing its residents into an immersive experience of living within the unique beauty of the Everglades.

Read more Dynamic Website with Integrated 3D Three.js Content and Parallax Effects, a website that combines dynamic elements, 3D graphics powered by Three.js, and captivating parallax effects. This project has been an incredible opportunity for me to explore new frontiers in web development and design, and I’m eager to record my experiences.

First and foremost, the motivation behind was to deliver an immersive web experience that would captivate users and leave a lasting impression. I wanted to go beyond the traditional boundaries of web design and integrate stunning 3D visuals into the website’s content. To achieve this, I turned to the powerful Three.js library, renowned for its ability to render interactive 3D graphics directly in the browser.

The initial phase of the project involved careful planning and conceptualization. I spent considerable time defining the purpose and target audience of the website, ensuring that the 3D elements and parallax effects would align with its overall goals. Sketching wireframes and mapping out the user flow helped me visualize the website’s structure and layout.

One of the crucial decisions was identifying the specific 3D elements to integrate into I wanted to strike a balance between functionality and visual appeal. After extensive research, I selected models and animations that would enhance the user experience while aligning with the website’s theme.

Designing the user interface and user experience (UI/UX) came next. I aimed to create an intuitive and visually pleasing design that would complement the 3D elements. Prototyping and iterating on the UI/UX elements allowed me to refine the design and ensure seamless navigation.

The implementation phase was where Three.js truly shone. Setting up the development environment was straightforward, and I was able to create stunning 3D models and animations using the library’s comprehensive features. Integrating these elements into the website’s structure required careful attention to detail, ensuring that they seamlessly blended with the rest of the content.

To further enhance the user experience, I incorporated parallax effects into the website. Parallax scrolling, with its illusion of depth and movement, added an extra layer of immersion. Understanding the principles of parallax scrolling and implementing them using CSS and JavaScript required experimentation and fine-tuning to achieve the desired effects. Aligning the parallax scrolling with the 3D elements helped create a cohesive and engaging experience for users.

Throughout the development process, thorough testing and optimization were crucial. I dedicated time to testing the website across different browsers and devices, ensuring a consistent and smooth experience for all users. Optimizing performance became essential, as the inclusion of 3D elements could potentially impact loading times. Through various techniques, such as optimizing asset sizes and implementing caching strategies, I achieved a balance between visual appeal and optimal performance.

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Universal Studios Beijing – Beijing, China

Thea Award For Outstanding Achievement – Theme Park

Despite the pandemic and perhaps the world’s most restrictive lockdown, after 20 years of preparation and planning, the highly anticipated Universal Studios Beijing Theme Park Resort opened in October 2021 as a watershed moment in the Chinese theme park industry. Its ambition, scale and uniform level of excellence have set a new, international standard for theme park destination development and guest experience.

Created under the internal guideline of “global vision, international standards, distinctive Chinese features, and future-oriented goals,” the core Universal Beijing Resort covers 400 hectares and is part of a larger destination development (1,200 hectares) in the Tongzhou Cultural Tourism Zone.

Universal Beijing Resort features Universal Studios Beijing theme park, Universal CityWalk Beijing, and two hotels, including Universal Studios Grand Hotel, the firstever Universal-themed resort hotel.

The park includes seven highly-themed, immersive lands with more than 37 cutting edge attractions, rides, and landmarks;

24 shows and performances; 60 food & beverage venues and 30 retail stores – plus specially created experiences designed to honor and reflect China’s rich cultural heritage. Universal Studios Beijing is also the world’s first theme park resort destination to earn LEED Gold certification.

The Beijing destination blends Eastern and Western cultures both literally and metaphorically in its partnerships, design, attractions, and environmental elements. This is a deep rethinking and culturally appropriate reinvention of the Universal brand. The mix includes several al-new attractions and immersive lands unique to China, along with select evergreen, global fanfavorite Universal rides, shows, attractions and characters (such as Harry Potter, Hollywood, Water World).

Among these are Transformers Metrobase, the first Transformers-themed land in the world, featuring an expanded and completely fictionalized story with China as the backdrop; Jurassic World Isla Nublar, the legendary film franchise brought to life in a fully realized environment that includes the Jurassic World Adventure ride; Minion Land, the largest Minion-themed experience in the world, where guests meet characters and explore iconic locations from the blockbuster films. Also of note are the Kung Fu Panda Land of Awesomeness, Universal’s first Kung Fu Panda-themed land, entirely indoors and rich in traditional Chinese cultural elements; and the outstanding “Untrainable” live show based on How to Train Your Dragon, which uses a superb combination of large scale puppetry, projections, animation, and live action stunts.

The parkwide entertainment program differentiates itself by integrating top Chinese Is such as league of legends in the parade and Honor of Kings Heroes LIVE. The live entertainment is performed almost entirely by the cast in Chinese, and features prominently in the programming to meet the Chinese audience preference for live shows. In bespoke merchandise, the Minions have a highly successful line inspired by the Chinese zodiac. In walkaround entertainment, the Transformers More than Meets the Eye featuring Megatron has been a viral hit, with live, stand-up comedy style interaction.

Overall, Universal Studios Beijing has gone all-out to localize and cater to the Chinese audience throughout the property, including retail brands with local appeal, and a strong e-commerce presence targeting the Chinese Gen-Z market.

Universal Studios Beijing has also taken the integration of technology to a new level with wide use of biometrics and facial recognition (Al) for entry (speed gates) and ticketing/ payments providing a seamless experience throughout the resort, and 5G technology.

Tom Williams, Chairman, Universal Parks and Resorts
Mark Woodbury, Vice Chairman, UP & President, Universal Creative
Tom Mehrmann, President &COO, Pacific Rim, UPR, Universal Orlando
Thierry Coup, SVP, Chief Creative
Officer, Universal Parks and Resorts
Joseph Hoskin, EVP/GM
Page Thompson, President &COO, New Ventures
Mike Davis, SVP/ Executive Producer

Brawner Greer, SVP, Legal Affairs
Daniel “Dan” Memis, SVP/CFO, Creative Steve Blum, SVP Ride Safety & Engineering
Mike Hightower, SVP, Executive Project Director- International
Charles “Charlie” Gundaker, SVP, Executive
Project Director, UPR
Modesto Alcala, SVP, Global Restaurant
Caryl Lucarelli, SVP, HR-Universal Creative&Intl
Eugene Dobryn, SVP, Project Management Office, Universal Orlando
Mike Harrington, VP, Project Director Christopher Oliver, VP, Engineering &Safety
Doug Akers, VP, Park Operations
Mike Kiddoo, VP, Engineering &Safety Ride/ Show
Christopher Oliver, VP, Engineering &Safety
Janelle Lin, VP, Compensation &Global Mobility Randy Mariano, VP, Resort Development
Xuan “Shawn” Yun, VP, Legal Affairs
Zhenchun “Charles” Shi, VP, Development
Carter Williams, VP, Executive Project Director, Finance

Alex Abdala Castano, Asst Mgr, Technical
Ora “Melissa” Adams, Sr. Director, Projects (Land)
Anthony Aguilar, Sr. Designer, Attraction Gareth Akehurst, Manager, A/V/Projection/Lighting
Mohammed Aldada, Assoc. Designer, Architectural
David Alter, Mgr, Parkwide Systems Richard Amiss, Mgr, Technical Show
Na “Anna” An, Sr. Manager, Talent Acquisition
Yuetong “Heather” An, Coordinator, Technical
Chris Anders, Asst. Manager, Facility Design
Marcus Anderson, Sr. Engineer, Controls Beth Andes, Coordinator, Contracts
Jim Andrews, S.r Manager, Engineering &Safety Maryann Arca, Sr Master Scheduler
Dean Armenti, Manager, Technical Show
Eliyar Ayrat, Manager, Technical (Lighting)
Farooq Baig, Sr. Manager, Project Facility Mechanical
Osman Baig, Manager, Interior Design John Bakken, Manager, Technical Show
Kiley Barnard, Producer, Creative
Carlos Beato, Project Engineer, Facility (Structural)
Julion Bel, Engineer
Kayla Bel, Representative, Global Mobility Julian Beloiu, Sr. Engineer
Michael Belt, Sr. Manager, Project
Edwin Benitez Jr., Mgr, Network Systems
Ron Bennett, Sr. Designer, Conceptual Architectural
William Benson Jr, Assoc. Engineer
James Bertoncello, Engineer
Lucinda “Lu” Biri, Manager, Logistics Sally Biernestad, Coordinator, RICP
Kevin Blakeney, Mgr, Area Development
Erika Blakeney, Asst. Manager, Interior Design
Thom Boessel, Asst. Director, Projects (CITYWALK, Resort Master Planning)
Ryan Bona, S.r Manager, Lighting Design & Technical Systems
Bob Bowman, Production Art Director (Rockwork)
Marc Bradman, Engineer
lan Brazell, Asst. Director, Engineering & Safety
Dorothy Bresnahan, Sr Mgr, Graphics Fab & Implementation
Michael Brister, Sr Animator, Ride &Show
Christopher Brown, Engineer
Heather Brown, Manager, Global Mobility
Katherine “Kay” Brown, Coordinator, Technical
Melody Brown, Manager, Contracts
Lloyd Brown I, Asst. Director, Engineering & Safety
Dante Bruno, Assoc. Designer, Show/ Set
Cynthia Buck, Assoc. Manager, Project
Ryan Buck, Coordinator, RICP
Tom Buck, Sr. Manager, Project Logistics Operations
Michel Louis Bultel, Production Art Director
David Bush, Sr. Manager, Technical Show
Weiqian “Olivia” Cai, Coordinator, Technical – Lighting
Xinyi “Selina” Cai, Asst. Director, Finance
Yanhua “Nicole” Cai, Coordinator, Technical
Renee Camp, Assoc. Producer, Media
Natalie Campbell, Executive Administrative Asst.
Jeremy Campbell, Engineer
Xuemei Cao, Production Art Director
Yong “Jason” Cao, Engineer (Mechanical)
Andrew Carbonar, Programmer, Show
Quentin Caron, Production Art Director (Rockwork)
John Cashman Jr, Sr Mgr, Engineering &Safety
Matteo Casto, S.r Art/Production Director (Hardscapes/AD)
Maximiliano Castrillon, Analyst, Field Services
Claudio Cellucci Jr., Assoc. Producer, Media
Stephanie Chamney, S.r Manager, Engineering &Safety
Kwok Ho “Stephen” Chan, Production Art Director
Ray Chan, Sr. Manager, Project
Felix Rodriguez Chao, Designer, Architectural (Facilities / Facades)
Jennifer Chapman, Representative, Human Resources
Matthew Chapman, Sr. Manager, Technical
Na “Selena” Chen, Sr Manager, Business Administration
Ping “Catherine” Chen, Director, Legal &Business Affairs
Tianmiao “Wusan” Chen, Production Art Director Xi Chen, Manager, Technical (Ride Controls)
Xiaoxi Chen, Analyst, Financial Projects
YanXiu Chen, Manager, Technical
Yu “Floyd” Chen, Production Art Director
Zhi Chen, Engineer
Shijing “Kely” Cheng, Coordinator, Office Creative
Chi-Kit Cheung, Sr. Manager, Facility Design Hsiao-Te “Ted” Ching, Manager, A/V/Projection/Lighting
Khah Leang “KL” Choon, Manager, Technical [Lighting)
Yun-Chu Chou, Designer, Production
Ray Chowning, Sr. Engineer, Controls
Kati Rose Christensen, Coordinator, Technical
Judy Christie, Executive Administrative Asst.
Wayne Clark, Sr. Manager, Graphic Fabrication & Implementation
Jeremy Clow, Sr. Manager, Technical
Jonathan Cloward, Sr. Producer, Show Camille Coladonato, Producer, Media
Dirk Coleman, Sr. Manager, Facility Design
Jeraldy Collazo, S.r Coordinator, Show
Jeffrey Collins, Asst. Director, Global Safety Operations
James “Jay” Cooper I, Sr. Manager, Planning & Area Development Design
Rich Cox, Sr. Manager, Technical Jon Craine, Creative Director
Kendra Cuffe, Manager, Project
Carly Damstra, Coordinator, Travel &Expense Prg-Crtv
Rui “Rebecca” Dang, Engineer
Janette Dansby, Representative, Contracts Agnes David-Hoffman, Sr. Manager, Project
Olivier De Kegel, Manager, A/V/Projection/ Lighting
Rebecca Dean, Manager, Ride &Show Engineering
Brayan Delgado, Engineer (Controls) Kyle Dembinski, Manager, Ride & Show Engineering
Bob Dennis, Creative Director
Bradley Dickenson, Director, Human Resources
Kathrynn DiGenova, Producer, Show
Andrew DiGenova, Producer, Show
Xue “Barbara” Dong, Coordinator, Finance
Richard Donofrio, S.r Manager, Planning & Area Development Design
Deanna “DeeDee” Draz-Barreras, Production Art Director (Props/Scenic)
Joe Drury, Manager, Project
Xuefei “Sophie” Duan, Scheduler
Paul Dumond, Ast. Manager, IT
Paul Dumond, Asst Mgr, UC Technology
Allison Duncan, Sr. Representative, Human Resources
Roberto Duran Marti, Manager, Ride & Show Engineering
Luciana Durchin, Analyst, Financial-Projects
Sarah Eaton, Asst. Manager, Technical
Chris Ecklund, Assoc. Engineer
David Edwards, Production Art Director
Kazimiera Elson, Sr. Representative, Global Mobility
Jodi Ernst, Sr. Director, Facility Design
Rick Erpenbeck, Director, Contracts
Daniel Eshak, Sr. Manager, Engineering & Safety
Irene Eshak, Sr. Manager, Facility Design
Gustavo Estrella, Sr. Manager, Facility Design
Donald Falvo, Sr. Manager, Engineering & Safety
Xu “Peter” Fan, Manager, A/V/Projection/ Lighting
Greg Faris, Manager, A/V/Projection/Lighting
Jack Feivou, S.r Producer, Show
Guoging “Leo” Feng, Ast. Manager, A/V/Projection/Lighting
Jianwei “Jason” Feng, Engineer (Controls)
Adrian Finnegan, Production Art Director
Mike Fish, Art Director (Facades)
Jason Fitzgerald, Assoc. Engineer (Controls)
Robert Fitzpatrick, Engineer
Sean Fitzpatrick, Sr Dir. Engineering & Safety
Kery Flynn, Coordinator, Global Mobility
Sebastien Foisy, Engineer
Eric Fox, Manager, Project Facility
Richard Freudenthal, Manager, Technical
Chris Frisella, Sr. Producer, Show
Shuai “Frank” Fu, Assoc. Production Art Director
Sam Funke, Assoc. Designer, Architectural (Facilities / Facades)
George Gakoumis Jr., Art Director
Michael Gamgene, S.r Manager, Technical Show
Tiandong “Alvin” Gao, Engineer
Yalei “‘Heather” Gao, Manager, Finance
Thomas “Tommy” Garcia Jr, Sr Mgr, Technical Show
Stephen Garforth, Manager, Props Dressing & Design
Michael Gargano, Manager, Facility Design
Russell “Rusty” Gates, Sr. Mgr, Engineering & Safety
William Gear, Representative, Contracts
Blake Gebhart, Sr. Manager, Project Facility (ELV)
Dennis Gebkin, Engineer
Allison Geiser, Manager, Finance
Yi “Sean” Geng, Sr. Specialist, Global Mobility
Yixiong “Ethan” Geng, Manager, Technical (Mechanical)
Steven Gensmer, Engineer (R/S)
John Gentile, Sr. Director, Executive Producer
Hillary Gesele, Director, Global Mobility
Alundra Gibbs, Administrator, Contracts
Crinilda “Cece” Gil, Supervisor, Contracts
Jianwei “Michael” Gong, Engineer
Gary Graham, Sr. Manager, Technical
Tracy Green, Dir, Engineering & Safety
Daniel Greer, Manager, Project
Leigh Grey, Manager, Planning & Area Development Design
Kmi Gromoll, Designer I, Creative
Zhigang “Diego” Guo, Engineer (Mechanical)
Zhigiang Guo, Production Art Director
Martha Gutierrez, Designer, Show/Set
Jared Hagens, Manager, Facility Design
Lei “ris” Han, Coordinator, Graphics
Yepeng “Sabrina” Han, Coordinator, Show
Michael Hankin, Designer, Architectural
Tom Hargrove, Sr. Director, Projects (Land)
Steve Harland, Engineer
Ashlee Hawk, Coordinator, Facility
John “Clif” Hawkins I, Production Art Director
Grace Haynes, Engineer
Ru Jia “Joyce” He, S.r Interpreter / Translator (Foreign Language)
Xinping”Maggie”He, Ast. Manager, Project
Yuan “lan” He, Ast. Manager, Project
Holly Hearns, Administrator, Contracts
Jason Heimermann, Sr. Manager, Facility Design
Jessica Hendricks, Sr. Coordinator, Show
Curtis Henry, Sr. Manager, Technical
Amanda Hepner, Administrator, Contracts
Peyton Hess, Designer I, Creative
Robert “Jamie” Hewett, Mar, Props – Creative
Guoping “Stephen” He, Manager, Graphics Fabrication & Implementation
Dorris “Suzanne” Holland, Supervisor, Contracts
Alesha Hollatz, Assoc. Manager, Project
Daniel Hoon, Mgr, Technical
Richard Howard, Sr. Engineer
Shuteng “Vincent Hu, Engineer (Mechanical)
Jiani “Jennie” Huang, Assoc. Production Art Director
Lu Huang, Analyst, Cost
Pei Huang, Manager, Project
Wei Cheng “Wayne” Huang, Manager, Technical Lighting
Xu “Sue” Huang, Coordinator, Show
Zhong “Alice” Huang, Interpreter / Translator
(Foreign Language)
Steve Hubbard, Manager, Network Systems
Clinton Hughey – Trueman, Manager, A/V/ Projection/Lighting
Adam Hyskel, Engineer
Ralph Iles I, Asst. Director, Engineering &Safety
Steven Lee James, Sr. Director, Utility Planning and Design
Dan Jenkins, Creative Director
Jannik Jensen, Sr Engineer
Can “Aaron” Jiang, Engineer
Xiaoging “Sunny” Jin, Sr. Interpreter / Translator
Eric Johnson, Estimator
Maureen Johnston, Production Art Director
Robert “Bob” Jones, Sr. Manager, Facility Design
Matthew Jones, Sr Director, Creative
Eric Kaminsky, Engineer
Chung “Tiffany” Kan, Analyst, Financial Projects
Xiaopeng Kang, Project Engineer, Facility (Resort)
Christopher Kania, Assoc. Designer, Graphics
Cameron Kania, Programmer, Show
RBrandon Kearns, Producer, Media
Jenniter Keim, Manager, Technical Documentation
Raymond “Ray” Keim, Designer, Concept Illustrator
Ronald Keller, Jr, Sr. Manager, Technical (Flames/ Руго)
Jeffrey Kelso, Sr Mgr, Engineering & Safety
Alexander “Sandy” Kent, Technical Director
Daniel Kent, Director, Engineering& Satety
Alyssa “Aly” Kilian, Associate Animator, Figure Animation
Barbara Killian, Master Scheduler
Robert Kipping, Programmer, Show
Brian Kirkland Jr, Engineer
Ashley Kitchen, Coordinator, Project
Brian Kivlen, Sr. Producer, Show
Brandon Kleyla, Manager, Props Dressing & Design
Michael Klos, Sr Analyst, Field Services
Clara Koeneke, Manager, Project Operations
David Kohlbacher, Sr. Manager, Engineering & Satety
Danielle Korotko, Manager, A/V/Projection/ Lighting
Richard Krent, Sr. Manager, Facility Design
Jeffrey Kujawa, Director, Administration
Courtney Kurtzweg, Representative, Human Resources
Lawrence “Jake” La Fond, Manager, Graphics Fabrication & Implementation
Xiaoying Lang, Designer I, Creative
Carl Langford, Representative, Contracts
Dan “Louise” Lau, Coordinator, Show
Wai Kuen “Tommy” Lau, Manager, Technical (Controls)
Shu “Catherine” Law, Manager, Parkwide Systems
Eliza Lee, Representative, Human Resources
Marcus Lee, Creative Director
Brent LeMaster, Manager, Project Facility
Gary Lergier Hernandez, Asst Mgr, CU Technology
Neysha Polo Lespin, Analyst, Cost
Samantha Levine, Coordinator, Facility
Thomas Lewis, Manager, Finance
Chunping Li, Production Art Director
Dongran “lydia” Li, Interpreter / Translator (Foreign Language)
Fan “Susan” L,i Sr Manager, Project Jian “Linda” L,i Scheduler
Jiatu li, Assoc Engineer
Jiaxin “Dani” L,i Representative, Nomenclature & localization
Kai L,i Asoc. Engineer (Mechanical)
Linyao L,i Asoc. Project Scheduler
Rongting “Roselyn” L,i Coordinator, Show
Ruiqi “Katherine” L,i Coordinator, Media Shiyu “‘hoebe” Li, Coordinator, Media
Xiang “Alicia” L,i Executive Administrative Ast.
Xiang “Alicia” L,i Manager, Translation
Xianhui “Mike” L,i Manager, Technical (Show Controls)
Xiaogang L,i Production Art Director
Xinyi “Maggie” Li Analyst, Cost (Accounts Payable)
Yinming L,i Manager, A/V/Projection/Lighting
Yuchen Li, Production Art Director
Zhen “Brooks” Li, Manager, A/V/Projection/ Lighting
Zhishuang “Milo” L,i S.r Specialist, Show – Hardscapes
Jessica Liang, Engineer
Nolan Liberto, Assistant Director, Attraction Ops
Ling Ling “lynne” Lin, S.r Specialist, Show- Sculpture
Yixuan “Lexi” Lin, Coordinator, Creative
Zesen “Jason” Lin, Coordinator, Human Resources
Christopher “Christo” Linquata, Production Art Director
Dan “Flora” Liv, Coordinator, Show
Jiagi Liv, Associate Project Manager
Jing “Hellen” Liv, Executive Administrative Asst. Jinmeng “Jane”
Liv, Coordinator, Project
Meicheng “Maggie” Liv, Admin Assistant
Pei Liv, Designer, Architectural
Qin “Louise” Liv, Coordinator, Project (P&D)
Rebecca Liv, Manager, Interior Design
Robert Liv, Sr. Director, Facility Design
Xiao “Dany” Liv, Manager, A/V/Projection/ Lighting
Javier Llavona, Sr. Manager, Project Facility (Electrical)
Stacie Long, Financial Analyst
Melina Lopez Cora, Coordinator, Show
Sergio Lopez Flores, Assoc. Engineer
Man On “leo” Lou, Manager, Digital Projects
Kylie Lowell, Assoc. Designer, Interiors
Johnnie Loy, Sr. Manager, Facility Design
Xiaoting “Leighton” Luan, Interpreter / Translator
(Foreign Language) Daniel Lucas, Art Director
Anthony Lucchesi, Coordinator, Technical
Naysa Luna, Sr. Manager, BIM (Parkwide Standards\
Jiaxing “Justin” Luo, Engineer
Pan “Dancy” Luo, S.r Analyst, Cost
Vicky Lyu, Coordinator, Show
Milai “Miffy” Ma, Manager, Technical (Lighting)
Weibing Ma, Production Art Director
Xni “Emma” Ma, Coordinator, Technical
Michael Maddamma, Designer, Architectural
Michael Maddamma, Sr Designer, Show / Set
Steven Madole, Sr Engineer, Controls
Caitlin Magness, Asst. Manager, Project
Thomas Mahaffey, Manager, A/V/Projection/Lighting
Lourdes Malinovsky, Manager, Human Resources
Emmanuel Manalo, Production Art Director
Alex Marcello, Ast. Manager, Intellectual Property
Sylvain Marcotte, Manager, A/V/Projection/Lighting
Sue Marrero, Ast. Manager, Project -Facilities
Thara Marrero, S.r Manager, RICP
Anna Martin, Manager, A/V/Projection/Lighting
Jason Marylander, Mgr, Technical
Kimberly McCaslin, Mgr, Technical
Amanda McClard, Coordinator, Technical
Dennis McCormick, Sr. Manager, Engineering & Safety
Darby McDonald, Sr. Manager, Finance
William McGehee, Director, Engineering &Safety
William McKenna, Designer, Attraction
Lauren Meena, Manager, Planning & Area Development Design
Paul Meena, Asst. Director, Administration
Stephanie Megill, Coord, Project
“Mike” Meng, Coordinator, Technical
Er Meng, Production Art Director
Israel Mercado, S.r Designer, Show/Set
Richard Meyer, S.r Engineer, Controls Nathan Mikulski, Assoc. Engineer
Lenna Minion, Sr. Manager, Technical
Joshua Mock, Assoc. Designer, FA Technical
Reinaldo “Monty” Montero, Manager, Project
Erik Morris, Manager, Technical (Lighting)
Jessica Morris, Assoc. Producer
Saul Mudd, S.r Manager, Engineering & Safety
Robert Murphy, Sr. Manager, Facility Design
Mary Jo Murray, Supervisor, Travel & Expense Prg-Crtv
Bret Neeld, Sr. Coordinator, Show
Andra “Andy” Nelli, Manager, Interior Design
Sabrina Newton, Coordinator, Technical
Connie Nicdao, Manager, Facility Design
Aaron Nielsen, Analyst, Cost
Niels Nielsen, Art Director
Xinran “Cindy” Ning, Coordinator, Project
Tittany Novotny, Supervisor, Contracts
Mark O’Brien, Sr. Manager, Technical
Amy O’Malley, SAE (Props)
Dean Orion, Creative Director
Gloria Ossa Carmona, Asst. Manager, Interior Design
Ray “Charles” Otte, S.r Producer, Show (Land)
John Paul “JP” Pagulayan, Sr. Manager, Technical Show
Lei “Tyler” Pang, Manager, A/V/Projection/ Lighting
Laura Panno, Manager, A/V/Projection/Lighting
Leon “Lee” Parrott, Sr. Director, Projects (Land)
Michael Pattison, USH Animations Technician
Haley Paulsen, Designer ,I Creative Nicole Payton, Coordinator, Media
Peiqi “Peggy” Peng, Coordinator, Project
Leanne Penna, Engineer
Elena Peraua, Assoc. Designer, Interiors
Paul Perez, Manager, Show (Animation, SFX, SAEI
Richard Perkinson, Sr. Manager, Project Facility [Civill
Robert Perrier, Estimator
Angela Persons, Engineer
Janene Pettus, Mgr, Technical (Lighting)
Brian Phraner, Manager, A/V/Projection/ Lighting
Richard Pietruszka, Engineer (Controls)
Tessa Pobanz, Assoc. Designer, Architectural
Aris Poulos, Assoc. Producer Michael Powers, Engineer
Elizabeth “Betsy” Prokes, Asst. Manager, Interior Design
Stefani Put, Sr Mgr, Interior Design
Shuyuan “Julia” Qiv, Manager, Project Tai Quach, Manager, Technical
Pamela Quesada, Coord, Technical
Anthony Quibin, Production Art Director
Patrice Ragusa, S.r Mgr, Planning &Area Development Design
Cary Ramos, Asoc. Engineer (Mechanical) Gregory Rel, Asst. Dir, Engineering & Safety
Shan Ren, Manager, Project
Lyn Rickelts, S.r Designer, Show/Set
Nickolas Rigney, Sr. Manager, Engineering & Satetv
Jmi Ritchie, Sr. Manager, Facility Design
Jody Rivera, Sr. Coordinator, Project (Prolog) James “Jim” Roberts, Sr Engineer
Victoria Robertson, Assoc Designer, Interiors Ronald Robichaud, Production Art Director
Megan Robinson, Assoc. Animator, Figure Animation
Gabriel Rodriguez, Manager, Facility Design William “Bil” Rodriguez, Mgr, AVPL
Hector Roel, USH Animations Foreman Kate Rogers, Production Art Director
Peter Rohleder, Director, Estimating Chase Roles, Sr. Manager, BIM
Ivette Rosado, Executive Administrative Asst. Darlene Royer, Representative, Contracts
Franklin Ruffin I, Manager, Ride &Show
Kirsten Ruhs, Sr. Director, Production Art & Design
Christina Shum, Engineer
Absar Siddiqui, Sr. Analyst, Cost
Steven Silvestri, Production Art Director, Brand Sponsorship
Kyle Simmons, Show Programming Manager Thomas Simoneau, Assoc. Designer, Architectural Grant Simpson, Manager, Technical (Show Controls)
John Sirabella, Assoc. Producer
“Dylan” Sitlapersad, S.r Representative, Global Mobility
Official Credits List – UniversalStudiosBeijing
Kurt Rutz, Manager, Technical Neal Smith, Manager, Technical
Ken Saba, Sr. Producer, Media Geraldine”Gerrie” Santos, Sr. Director, Projects L a n d )
Deb Sassak, Manager, Graphics Fabrication & I m p l e m e n t a t i o n
Natalia Savorotca, Assoc. Designer, Architectural (Facilities / Facades)
Anita “Gina” Scheraldi, Asoc. Producer
Howard Schlieper, Asst. Director, Engineering & Safety
Evan Seccombe, Designer, Show/ Set
Rommel Sedano, Production Art Director
Gregory Self, Mgr, Technical
Lewis”Skip” Setliff I, S.r Director, Projects (Land) Ken Shaffer, Manager, Graphics Fabrication &
I m p l e m e n t a t i o n
Marcelo Shah, Manager, A/V/Projection/ Lighting
Katelyn Shallue, Designer ,I Creative Shabnam Shams, Assoc Animator, Figure
Phillip Shaw, Sr. Manager, Technical Ying “Serena” She. Sr. Administrative Asst.
Xiaoging Shen, Coordinator, Gov Relations-UPR [BIl
Huiying”Sophie” Shi, Coordinator, Project Rebecca Rose Shuker, Sr. Analyst, Cost
Kevin Smith, Asst Dir, Engineering &Safety Catrina Solano, Scheduler
Wenyu “Bety” Song, Asst. Manager, Interior Design
Yifei Song, Coordinator, Show Michael Souza, Assoc. Producer
Toni Spears-ladage, Director, Contracts
Mark Spencer, Sr. Manager, Planning &Area Development Design
Jeffrey Spoor, Manager, Graphics Fabrication & Implementation
Lora Spran, Sr. Manager, Interior Design Michael Sprouls, Assoc. Writer
Kristen Steimer, Engineer Andre Steimer, Engineer
Bob Stephens, Sr. Director, Project Scheduling
Eileen Stephens, S.r Director, Projects (Land) Wenjie “Danny” Su, Manager, A/V/Projection/
Michael Suarez, Manager, Project Facility
Franklin Sumner, Coordinator, RICP
Jiaqi “Jessie” Sun, Coordinator, Technical Kaidi “Vicki” Sun, Admin Assistant
Xiaolei “Sunny” Sun, Sr. Manager, Human Resources
Richard Swim, Sr Mgr, Props- Creative
Charles Szczech, Art Director Francis Tam, Assoc. Engineer

Yuan Tan, Coordinator, Show
Mingliang Tang, Production Art Director Richard
“Matthew” Tang, Manager, A/V/
Tianyi “Mia” Tang, Associate Accountant
Eliot Taylor, Asst. Dir., Engineering & Safety Jesse Techentin, Designer I, Creative
David Thomas, S.r Manager Project, Facility [Mechanical)
Jay Thompson, Sr. Manager, Technical Conor Thornton, Manager, Facility Design
Yu Tian, Manager, Show (Animation, SFX, SAE) Cherisse Tilet, Assoc. Produce
Phillip Tinkes, Sr. Coordinator, RICP
Nguyen “Phat” Tran, Ast. Manager, Facility Design
Tery Trauger, Asst Dir, Engineering &Safety Michael Traxler, Sr. Mgr, Figure Finishing Matthew Trombley, Production Art Director
Pao-Ni “Pony” Tseng, Manager, Interior Design Kristin Turner, Coordinator, Facility
Jules Vallier, Sr Production Designer
Chris Vamos, Engineer
Mark Vanderlip, S.r Manager, Technical (Ride Controls)
Glenn VanWinkle, Assoc. Engineer
Brittany Vega, Assoc. Producer
Nicolas Rodriguez Villar Mac-Veigh, Sr. Production Art Director
Scot Verble, Producer, Show Anthony Villani, Master Scheduler
Stacie Vizoso, Analyst, Financial Projects
Kirk Walchek, Manager, Props Dressing &Design
Debra Walker, Director, Media Production Stan
Walker, Sr. Director, Projects (Land)
Brad Wallace, Coordinator, RICP
Chao “Nathan” Wang, Ast.
Manager, A/V/ Projection/Lighting
Chia-Wei “David” Wang, Manager, Interior
Dafa “
Wang, E
Hongyuan “Barry” Wang, Engineer liao”Sonia” Wang, S.r Specialist, Technica
l- Project
Juntao “William Wang, Coordinator, Graphics Kaili Wang, Sr. Manager, Facility Design Minyan Wang, Coordinator, Show
Rui Wang, Manager, Facility Design
Viva Wang, Designer, Show/Set
Xiao “Carey” Wang, Coordinator, Show Xiao Wang, Coordinator, Graphics
Xiaohan “Han” Wang, Designer ,I Creative Xiaoyu “Karen” Wang, Coordinator, Finance Xinwei “Iris” Wang, Coordinator, Technical Yali “Rebecca” Wang, Coordinator, Finance
Yali W a n g , Assoc. Production Art Director Yicong “Gin” Wang, Coordinator, Project (P&D)
Yong Wang, Scheduler
Mindy Ward, Asoc. Producer
Warhaftig, Manager, Ride Show Engineering
Xiaoxiao “Dilys” Wei, Coordinator, Graphics Norman Weise, Art Director (Facades)
Fang Wen, S.r Manager, Facility Design Gao Wen, Manager, Building Information
Jianming “Neil” Wen, Manager, Network Systems Shun “Sophia” Wen, Manager, Art Production
Ken Wheatley, Sr. Manager, Technical Show
Garrett Whisnant, Assoc. Designer, Interiors Spencer Whittaker, Coordinator, Contracts
Wes Whitten, Sr. Coordinator, Show Rachel Wilcox, Coordinator, Facility Natalie Wilkie, Project Engineer, Facility [ E l e c t r i c a l
Michelle Willet, S.r Production Art Director
Ashley Williams, Assoc. Producer, Media Kurt Wilson, Sr. Manager, Technical
Wilson, Manager, A/V/Projection/ Lighting
Josh Wiseman, S.r Manager, Planning &Area Development Design
Eric Wong, Engineer
Benjamin Wszalek, Assoc. Manager, Project Rebecca Wszalek, Sr. Analyst, Cost
Jianyu “Jason” Wu, Engineer
Tianmi “Claire” Wu, Sr. Coordinator, Show
Zhaoyi Wu, Interpreter / Translator (Foreign Language)
Ying Wu, Animator, Figure Animation
Brandon Wyatt, Sr. Manager, Props Dressing & Design
Zhenzhen Xian, Sr. Manager, Facility Design
M e n g i e Xing, Interpreter / Translator (Foreign
Fangyuan “Tom” Xiu, Analyst, Financial Projects Fei “Karl” XU, Coordinator, Technical
Xu, Manager, A/V/Projection/Lighting Yingying “Alice” XU, Coordinator, Technical Xiaofei “Jake” Yan, Engineer
Yan Yan, Designer ,I Creative
Fang “Frances” Yang, Coordinator, Technical
Wanlin Yang, Production Art Director
Weiten Yang, Sr. Manager, Facility Design Yangxuan “Zenith” Yang,Coordinator, Media
Jun “Erik” Yi, Manager, Building Information Modeling
Coordinator, Technical
Shimin “Elvis” Yi, Manager, Technical- Lighting
Ting-Shan “Charles” Yin, Manager, Network Systems
Chengyin “Becky” Yu, Coordinator, Graphics
Hongbo Yu, Manager, Technical (Mechanical) Liping “Harriet” Yu, Coordinator, Facility
Siyun “Mary” Yu, Sr. Admin Assistant Yue”Melissa” Yu, S.r Coordinator, Human Resources
Haidi Yuan, Assoc. Production Art Director Hui “Jackie” Yuan, Assoc. Producer
Yuan “Olivia” Tian, Coordinator, Project
Joe Zabrosky, Sr. Manager, BMI
Min “Dorothy” Zeng, Coordinator, Technical
Tina Zeno, Mgr, Props- Creative
Wenivan “Jennifer” Zhan, Director, Development &
Government Relations
Bo Zhang, Asst. Manager, Facility Design Haoran “Scott Zhang, Designer ,I Creative Jiahuan “Victoria” Zhang, Coordinator, Technical Jiawei “Kelvin” Zhang, Engineer
Jie Zhang, Designer, Graphic-Creative
long Zhang, Production Art Director
Ning “Ariel” Zhang, Coordinator, Technical Pengyu “Sean” Zhang, Sr. Interpreter /Translator
(Foreign Language)
Qianrui”Cherry’ Zhang, Designer ,I Creative Shuchuan
Zhang, Admin
Tianyu “Skye” Zhang, Interpreter / Translator
(Foreign Language)

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Red Oak Bench with Stained Black Concrete

A well-designed outdoor pool area can create a sanctuary of leisure and relaxation for you, your family, and friends. One essential element to achieving that perfect ambiance is comfortable and stylish seating. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of making a unique, custom bench for your pool area using black stained concrete and red oak wood. This elegant fusion of materials will not only add a touch of sophistication to your outdoor space but also provide a durable, weather-resistant seating option for years to come.


  1. Black stained concrete mix
  2. Red oak wood planks
  3. Wood sealant
  4. Concrete mold
  5. Concrete release agent
  6. Concrete sealer
  7. Wood screws
  8. Heavy-duty brackets


  1. Trowel
  2. Level
  3. Saw
  4. Sandpaper
  5. Power drill
  6. Paintbrush

Step 1: Preparing the Concrete Mix and Mold Start by preparing the black stained concrete mix according to the manufacturer’s instructions. To create the bench’s legs, you will need a concrete mold that is suitable for the desired size and shape. Apply a concrete release agent to the mold to ensure easy removal of the concrete once it has set.

Step 2: Pouring the Concrete Carefully pour the black stained concrete mix into the mold, filling it to the top. Use a trowel to level the concrete, ensuring that the surface is smooth and even. Allow the concrete to cure for at least 24 hours or according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Step 3: Preparing the Red Oak Wood While the concrete cures, begin preparing the red oak wood planks for the bench’s seat. Cut the planks to your desired length, ensuring they are equal in size. Sand the wood until it is smooth and free of any rough edges.

Step 4: Sealing the Red Oak Wood To protect the wood from the elements and enhance its natural beauty, apply a wood sealant to the planks. This process may require multiple coats, so follow the manufacturer’s instructions for best results. Allow the sealant to dry thoroughly before moving on to the next step.

Step 5: Removing the Concrete from the Mold Once the concrete has fully cured, carefully remove the bench legs from the mold. Gently sand any rough edges or imperfections using sandpaper. To add an extra layer of protection and a polished finish, apply a concrete sealer to the legs following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 6: Assembling the Bench Lay the red oak wood planks on a flat surface, spacing them evenly to create the bench seat. Place the concrete legs beneath the seat, ensuring they are level and evenly spaced. Secure the wood planks to the concrete legs using heavy-duty brackets and wood screws, making sure to pre-drill holes to avoid splitting the wood.

Your new black stained concrete and red oak wood bench is now ready to grace your pool area with elegance and functionality. The contrast between the dark concrete and the rich red oak creates a striking visual impact, while the sturdy construction ensures it will withstand the test of time. Enjoy the satisfaction of crafting this stunning piece for your outdoor oasis and take pride in the compliments it is sure to receive.

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