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An Unforgettable Experience at Camille: A Symphony of French-Vietnamese Fusion Cuisine

Camille, the culinary masterpiece curated by Chef Tung Phan, presents a distinctive gastronomic journey that is nothing short of a revelation. Serving an extraordinary fusion of Vietnamese and French cuisines, Camille is more than a restaurant, it’s an unforgettable dining experience.

The atmosphere of the restaurant expertly matches the finesse of the menu – sophisticated yet inviting. The tasteful decor seems to echo the commitment to tradition, coupled with a daring innovation that is evident in every dish presented.

The Summer Tasting Menu is a gourmet exploration that begins with an elevated rendition of Banh Xèo, a Vietnamese classic that sets the tone for the rest of the meal. Each subsequent course outdoes the previous, presenting a carefully curated palette of flavours and textures.

The second course, Tra Nong, is a true work of art. A delightful mélange of summer black truffle, Kaluga caviar, and Moulard duck pate foam, it highlights the finesse of French cuisine while staying true to Vietnamese flavour profiles.

An Choi – Tea Egg, Summer Black Truffle Kalusa Caviar, Paté Foam Moulard Duck, Black Sesame

The Thit Heo Nuóng is a fragrant treat, featuring tender Iberico pork infused with lemongrass. The American Red Snapper in the CákhoiLá Chudi dish, served with coconut, shines brightly with its tantalising mix of flavours.

Banh Xèo – Florida Spiny Lobster, Passionfruit
Tra Nong – Camellia Tea Service at Camille Orlando

Manchester Farm Quail in the Chim Oút, served with Wild Ramp Bread, is a standout. The Dungeness Crab in BoLúoLáo bathed in aromatic curry, along with the velvety Kagoshima A5 Wasyu, local greens, bird’s eye chili, and watermelon, create a symphony of flavours that is pure culinary magic.

Thit Heo Nuóng – Iberico Pork, Lemongrass

The meal concludes on a sweet high with the Bánh Chudi – banana and ginger caramel, a dessert that leaves a lingering sweetness, much like the dining experience at Camille.

Cá Khoi Lá Chudi – American Red Snapper, Coconut (Sous Chef caught the fish in the Gulf that very morning)

Adding to the delightful culinary journey is the staff, who strike the perfect balance of professionalism and warmth. Their deep understanding of the menu and careful attention to detail elevates the overall dining experience. Their service, much like the food, is impeccable.

Chim Oút – Manchester Farm Quail, Wild Ramp
Cà Ri Qua – Dungeness Crab, Curry
Bo Lúo Láo – Kagoshima A5 Wasyu, Local Greens

A visit to Camille is an absolute must for any culinary enthusiast. It’s not just a meal; it’s a journey that you will remember long after you’ve left the restaurant. The blend of French and Vietnamese cuisines is a testament to Chef Tung Phan’s talent and creativity, making Camille a shining star in the world of fine dining.

Bánh Chudi – Banana, Ginger Caramel
Món Tráng Miêng – Friandise
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