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Space Elevator Games

The fourth annual Space Elevator Games. No one has won the prize and every year it gets harder. The prize is now set at $2,000,000 and the teams must climb 1km high. They will also be using TRUMPF lasers to power the vehicles. Check out this laser albation

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Studio A-1 Project 2

I was asked to design a cube with 3 sets of “devices” and as an added requirement all edges had to meet properly.

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picture-2Wolfram|alpha is available to the public and it is pretty sweet 🙂

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Top chef in boston


wpid-1242410082477.jpgTop Chef is putting on a demonstration in front of the Prudential in the Back Bay.

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Design Principles Week 6

I am making up some homework before my portfolio is due on Tuesday. Below is the Eames House Plan and Elevation.

Design Principles Week 6 Part 2

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