Browse Month March 2010

iPad might save us

Over the past month I have been talking about how terrible the iPad is going to be. I mean why put out a piece of technology with no multitouch transflective lcd screen, SD card support, usb, or 1080p video output like the Notion Ink Adam? I still don’t have answers to that question. I recently watched Frontlines digital_nation life on the virtual frontier, it is a fascinating story on how we all use technology and believe that we can all multitask with relative ease. Frontline wanted to investigate the retention of this information and test our ability to actually multitask. It seems obvious, but we all failed when tested against complete concentration of a single task. I think the argument for a single task machine is completely valid now.

I think I just might get an iPad. When I am on my desktop growl keeps notifying me of emails, tweets, rss feeds, and instant messages. I can’t ever seem to keep my concentration on a single task. Congrats to apple for creating a machine that does not embrace the most technology, but is built for the human. Btw, all this might just be a justification for purchasing the iPad, but there is something to say about our civilization and multitasking. Our next generation will be far worse in starting many more things, but the completion rate will be far less.

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