Browse Month June 2008

America still works.

I started out about eight months ago looking for a way to pay for my tuition. I didn’t have any close relatives stepping up or able to pay for my tution. I looked into all other viable options… Corporations and Government.

Corporations… “For the good of the people.” It was once for the good of the people, but now its more of maximizing profits. With interest rates around 8% it wasnt very appealing; In debt to something with multiple faces and 150 page contracts. I swore that I wouldn’t put myself in that position. This was going to be my last resort though.

Government… As I researched federal grants and loans it became apparant that they only wanted to support the public state run colleges. Those are the colleges with $3,500 tuition. The Federal government wouldn’t mind paying putting in their share on these state subsidized schools. To me it seems a little unfair. I have to pay into the system just as much as another except that subsidy will not be able to transfer to a private school, so its almost like I am paying that extra subsidized fee on top of my private school fee, which is well over $7,000. I also found that the government will fund $8,500 in student loans per year, but that is the maximum amount and only if you are classified as an independant in the eyes of the Federal Government. I am 24 years old, but missed the mark of January 1st of my year to receive this status. Sadly I could not receive the loan which would have paid for HALF of my tuition at 6.5%.

Basically these were the only options I could think of; Corporations, Government, and Family. unwilling and unfit for myself I set out to find a different way. First let me preface where the idea evolved from. Social Security Administration. Its a benefit for those of us that are irresponsible with their funds and need a society as a whole to take care of that aspect of their life. Social Security is a benefit for many people, but I feel I should be able to opt out of the system. Why can I not write a contract with the Social Security Administration stating: I will not receive benefits and I will not pay into the system. Signed and Sealed. It should be an Option not an obligation. When $300 gets taken out of my check each week, I should be able to put that money into a private savings fund and incur all interest on that money. I should not have to pay into a system my entire life, and have them tell me how much I will be able to receive each month and at what age I will be able to do so.

Basically the hatred toward this socialized savings fund I came up with the idea to contractly and privately fund my education through the kind hearted and self-interest people that I find. That was by fart the hardest part. Finding someone willing to invest in my future and be able to find a benefit from myself. I have recently made an agreement with two very kind souls, which I am very grateful to. It fills me with great optimism that self-interest can still be found in a system filled with obligations to “society.”

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