Browse Month November 2009

Printer Table

The chair project is complete, I am now deconstructing it and making it into a table for my printer. I have a 18″ gap between my computer table and the wall. I opted to utilize the cardboard instead of throwing it out to make an addition to my table to hold my printer and other items. I still have many more layers to go.


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Back in Boston

I am back in boston after another day in NYC. The bus rides are really starting to get to me. I usually leave on a Wednesday at 1:30 pm to arrive at 5:45 this gives me a little bit of time to grab a coffee and some food before the workshop starts at 7:30. The workshop has been great thus far, my instructors are well learned in their professions, so most students problems are quite easily resolved. The other students are great too. There are 2 or 3 students from pratt, a graduate of UT, and a pair of Asians. The class usually ends around 10:30 then it’s off to Brooklyn on the L train to catch some sleepy eye for a few hours at my good friends Luis’s casa. I caught the earliest bus back to Boston – 7 am – meaning I would have to get up at 5:45 in order to get there on time. I am having to get back as early as possible, so I can make a model for studio. I created two mood sketches on the bus to NYC – just slept on the way to Boston – with my tablet / laptop. Upon arrival back in Boston at around 11:30 am I hoped on the T to get home asap. Luckily my last studio assignment required a large amount of cardboard to facilitate the 1/4″ scale requested by my instructors. At this point I put together a quick sketch of my boards to get my mind back on the project at hand. It’s probably worth noting that I would have never turned in a cardboard model if it was not for the lack of time in a day.

Sunday and Monday were dedicated to my other courses. On top of all the pressure of studio, I had to finish my eight page rough draft for Arch History. I struggled for several days trying to form a thesis, and I still have not heard back from my instructor on how he feels about it, but my instructor cares immensely about how we are doing in the class and seems very well educated, so any critique will come with a lot of weight.

I also received word that the bac will not official commit to the solar decathlon 2011, which I had met with the group on Sunday to discuss the proposal. The meetings from Friday have been productive and we are moving forward on our design / build art piece for the loft.

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