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Studio B-1 Boat House Project

This boat house is for the primary use of the public. It should not stand as a monument to boat storage, but to accommodate those who watch the boats in action. I am trying to create the maximum seating and viewing areas of the water, while tucking the boat storage away. The experience of the site should not be impeded upon by storage of these boats, but to provide the maximum amount of green space to the people.

Interior Perspective of Boat House


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Oil Spill in the Gulf

It seems that the huge domes to cover the oil geyster did not work, but the fact is that even with the geyster stopped we have a large amount of oil floating on the surface of the ocean. Two gentlemen who most likely distribute Hay, have done a small scale experiment to test their idea. The idea seems very reasonable and the best solution I have seen. I would consider Hay a far better option that spraying chemicals into our oceans to dissolve the oil.

Check out the video here:

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