Browse Month September 2010

3D Printing at RadLabInc

This is my fourth week in the Design and Fabrication class at the Boston Architectural College. Our last assignment was to design a bench that was within 20 cubic inches in rhino for a 3d print. Me and Mike went to RadLabInc to excavate the models.

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theBAC Studio B-1 Walkthrough

Last Tuesday, September 21, 2010, I did a walkthrough of my last studio. Mike Velentzas was asked by our B-2 Studio instructor Michael Crehan to come and be a critic for their initial tectonic development. The class asks students to develop a tectonic around a subjective image. For instance to take a 2D image of an insect under an electron microscope, and imagine that image in three dimensional space, and how might that tectonic work in three scales.

[imagebrowser id=19]

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Mind the Gap 3.0 Week 4 Review

C-Studio review at theBAC (Boston Architectural College) taught by Casey Hughes (neil piatt, joshua shaw, donald barany, mike velentzas, nathania rodriguez-rivera)

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