Browse Month October 2008

T-Mobile G1 google spyPhone

I tried the T-Mobile G1, and within that same day I made a trip back to T-Mobile for a return. The phones hardware has some fatal flaws as well as the software ui design.

I brought the phone home and plugged it into the wall. I turned it on and google activation screen was waiting for me. Just a couple of weeks ago I had deleted my google, so they can stop indexing my every search. Going against my beliefs I created another gmail account. After about 5 min I was in. I thought I bought a blackberry by it’s crappy ui design. I decided to start adding my exchange server and realized it was not supported. Around this time is when my hand started to hurt. I found that it was the power cable right in the middle of where the ideal comfort position was. Horrible design! I packed it all back up and I am back on my iPhone where I created this post, eat it G1.

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