Pool Petal Chair

Today, I started a new project in my workshop – a concrete chair for the edge of a pool. The goal is to create a chair that’s strong, safe, and comfortable.

The chair will be made of cast concrete. This material is tough and heavy, which is good because it means the chair will be sturdy and won’t slide into the pool. Plus, it’s built to last.

The design is meant to be practical and comfortable. It’s shaped to fit the human body, with a good backrest and armrests. It’s not just a flat surface, but a chair you can sit back in and feel good.

A nice feature of the chair is that the front edge is lower so you can dip your feet into the water while you sit. It’s a simple pleasure, but one I think will make a big difference.

Working with concrete is tough. It’s hard to mix and pour, and it takes time to set. But it’s also satisfying to see the chair take shape.

Each day, I see the chair moving from just a sketch to something real and tangible. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product by the pool. It’s a straightforward project, but I think it’s going to make a big difference in how people enjoy their time by the water.

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