Florida Architecture

an architectural study harmoniously unites the grace of Florida’s Everglades with polished, sophisticated design. Centered around the inherent allure of the waterfront edge, this residential concept breathes life into the vision of a tranquil, natural oasis, perfectly blended with interior and exterior living spaces.

The exterior of an exquisite façade made from native Floridian limestone. Known for its resilience, sustainability, and inherent beauty, this light limestone also offers a cooling effect, perfect for the vibrant Florida sun. The resulting exterior acts as a robust, comforting shield, gracefully aging with time, exuding an aura of profound tranquility and solidity.

Originating from the heart of the residence, an outdoor canopy reaches out, framing the captivating sight of cypress nubs sprouting from the earth, a spectacle reminiscent of the undisturbed Everglades. These cypress nubs, purposefully highlighted, serve as natural sculptures. They present a dramatic yet calming contrast to the modern, sleek lines of the residence, capturing the eye and soul alike.

Encircling these unique cypress installations, meticulously designed moss gardens echo the refined aesthetics of Japanese gardening. These gardens fuse the diverse Floridian ecosystem with the understated beauty and simplicity of Japanese design, creating tranquil areas for relaxation, reflection, and admiration.

Encapsulating the harmonious dialogue between human creativity and natural splendor, crafting a daily sanctuary where luxury converges with simplicity. It embodies the quintessence of Florida’s landscape, immersing its residents in the rare experience of dwelling within the breathtaking beauty of the Everglades, with a specific focus on the mesmerizing allure of the waterfront edge.

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