Artificial Intelligence – Architecture as Confirmation Bias

I have been researching artificial intelligence over the past four years, and I have concluded that a computer will be able to produce the perfect painting at some point. What is a perfect painting? It is a painting that has positive feedback from a majority of its viewers. The masses to look at the piece objectively see something beautiful. There is an interesting connection to the interior analysis research from last week, which was the Spring House by Frank Lloyd Wright. In my research on Mr. Wright, I discovered an interview where he expressed his thoughts on imitation and emulation. Mr. Wright thought that most of the buildings are meer imitations and copies of one another, but that is not Art and that you cannot teach Art. Emulation is the creation of ideas upon another to improve them by creating something new.

Sandford Kwinter is a bit of a radical in architecture based on the collection of his writings that I analyzed. He proposes thought-provoking and controversial ideas that seemingly appear to be for the sake of controversy. In his “Four Arguments for the Elimination of Architecture,” he mentioned that architects might be irrelevant in thirty years. The idea is that there are “organizations” that will take on a majority of the work. It is an exciting idea for those who have to pay Architects’ fees, but I think he is conflating Building and Architecture. Mr. Wright would say there was plenty of Building happening simultaneously when he was doing his Architecture. The same is still true today. Many buildings are happening designed and constructed. For instance, when I was in china, I would see rows of buildings that could be compared to “the projects ” in the United States. What rarely gets mentioned is that they are not interested in any architectural idea to strengthen the community. It is often the case that they would pay an architect to design one Building, and the developer repeatedly copies the building design. The developer would not need to pay the architect to design the entire complex of buildings because they were the same Building. A copy of ten to fifteen of the same Building on a single plot of land so that they could reduce the fees of an architect. Budgets are tight in china, and the developer needs a return quickly because the Government only provides a thirty-five-year loan on commercial property. A lot of the Apartment buildings that I visited did not have Restrooms within each apartment, but they were a shared resource on the base floor, so they did not have to plumb the entire Building having further savings (This is not the case typically in Tier 1 cities, but they can be found).

Zaha Hadid, Steven Hall Rem Koolhaus, and others develop iconic buildings and, sometimes, more extensive development. Rem Koolhaus did what the Beijingers call “short pants building” for the CCTV. This Building and the Olympic Village Architecture is propaganda at its most refined and infiltrated. For instance, These buildings are featured in the new Karate Kid movie. At the start of the movie Dre Parker responds to his mother about moving to china, “ah man china sucks… It’s old… I don’t want to go there,” and then a few scenes later, they have a drive-by showing the Building, and the mother says “Look! there is the Olympic village, its beautiful… yes! I guess there’s nothing old in china, huh Dre?,” the uplifting music, John Mayers, Say, during the china arrival montage.

Architecture is Art, but Building can be an “organization.”

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