Life Center in Needham, MA

Life center in Needham, MA

Life Center in Needham, MA

The site is situated on what is now Greene’s Field Park. The town has been in debate the past twenty years on whether or not to fund a senior center in Needham, MA. What has made the debate even worse is the site selected. The park selected would eliminate the current open space, and allocate that to the senior center. Our task is to mediate both parties. To provide open space for play, and to provide enclosed space for seniors and the community. The site sits on the edge of what one might think of as a downtown, shopping and a town hall. Adjacent to the East side of the site is the beginning of a residential neighborhood. The north edge of the site is where the current senior center is; all 1,500 sq. ft. of it. The differentiation between a life center and a senior center is the involvement of different age groups. The hope is to facilitate interaction between children and elderly to share knowledge and stories. I am using program and form to facilitate these interactions, creating hierarchy in circulation for all ages to meet in certain spaces.

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