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Korean BiBimBap

Lisa cooked another amazing meal. She has been watching some Korean dramas and got inspired… please watch more Korean dramas!

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T-Mobile G1 google spyPhone

I tried the T-Mobile G1, and within that same day I made a trip back to T-Mobile for a return. The phones hardware has some fatal flaws as well as the software ui design.

I brought the phone home and plugged it into the wall. I turned it on and google activation screen was waiting for me. Just a couple of weeks ago I had deleted my google, so they can stop indexing my every search. Going against my beliefs I created another gmail account. After about 5 min I was in. I thought I bought a blackberry by it’s crappy ui design. I decided to start adding my exchange server and realized it was not supported. Around this time is when my hand started to hurt. I found that it was the power cable right in the middle of where the ideal comfort position was. Horrible design! I packed it all back up and I am back on my iPhone where I created this post, eat it G1.

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Orange Bowl Website

I am almost finished with the 75th Anniversary Orange Bowl website. I am trying to finish it before I have to leave to Boston. I have so much crap to move and so much crap to get rid of. Does anyone want a couch or a coffee table?

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Well it has been a really long night. We drove to Miami last night, we had to stop by best buy to buy some computers for plan b just in case everything was in shambles when we got to the orange bowl. When we arrived in Miami our first stop was the dolphins stadium to pick up some people and some more computer equipment. From the dolphin stadium we drove down the street to the orange bowls new office. When I got there none of the kiosks were working. We didn’t leave until about 4 am, and even then I was back in the hotel encoding videos. We got about 4 hours of sleep, and met with the orange bowl until now. Where we are at the dolphins stadium.

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Blogging app for iphone

Well there is a wordpress app on the apple app store, and it’s pretty impressive. I can finally blog easily while I’m out and about that will make things much more frequent on here


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