Capturing FLUID’s Innovation in a Bite-Sized Video

I had the pleasure of creating a short Instagram-type video for a company called FLUID Construction Services. They specialize in 3D scanning water pipes and determining what automated hardware can be attached and synced with a building management system. Moreover, they fabricate the custom pieces through a vertically integrated pipeline. The challenge was to create a short and to-the-point video that captured the essence of their services.

To begin with, I researched the company’s unique selling points and identified the aspects I wanted to showcase. I decided to focus on the 3D scanning technology, the seamless integration with building management systems, and the custom fabrication process.

Next, I spent time brainstorming ideas for visual elements that would not only be informative but also engaging for the audience. I settled on a combination of animations and real footage. The animations would help to illustrate the 3D scanning process and the hardware integration, while the real footage would give viewers a glimpse into the actual fabrication process.

I then gathered the necessary footage and images, ensuring that they were high-quality and representative of the company’s work. This involved coordinating with the FLUID team to capture video clips of their scanning and fabrication processes, as well as sourcing relevant stock footage and images.

Once I had my visual assets, I began the editing process. I opted for a fast-paced, dynamic editing style to keep viewers engaged while still conveying the essential information. I also incorporated text overlays and captions to emphasize key points and make the video more accessible to a wider audience.

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