Patio Furniture Inspired by Tadao Ando: Integrating 3D Printed Spaces for a Concrete Effect

Today, I started my latest DIY project – building my own piece of patio furniture! I’ve been looking forward to this project for weeks, and I’m excited to see it all come together.

I’m incorporating some innovative design elements into my furniture piece, inspired by the famous architect Tadao Ando. Specifically, I’ll be using 3D printed spaces in the plywood mold, which will be used to cast concrete and create a unique and modern look.

First, I gathered all the materials I needed – including plywood sheets, concrete mix, a 3D printer, and basic woodworking tools. Then, I got started on creating the plywood mold. I carefully measured and cut the wood, making sure it was the right size and shape for my desired design.

Once the plywood mold was complete, I got to work on 3D printing the spaces that would be integrated into the mold. This was a bit tricky, as I had to make sure the spaces were the right size and shape to create the effect I wanted. But after a few tries, I was able to create the perfect design.

Next week, I plan to carefully place the 3D printed spaces into the plywood mold and begin mixing the concrete. I will ensure that I fill in all the spaces and gaps before pouring the concrete into the mold. Then, I will let the concrete dry overnight, eagerly anticipating the final result the next morning. I’m excited to take on this challenging project and create a unique piece of patio furniture inspired by Tadao Ando.

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